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About OEL-HydroSys

OEL-HydroSys is dedicated to providing the waterpower and hydraulic structure industry with engineering and project management services. Our involvement ranges from early-stage conceptual planning to complete design and construction management, as well as support of ongoing waterpower operations.

Our goal is to advise clients on matters related to hydroelectric project design, construction and operation, dam safety and structural engineering analyses, environmental impact assessments and regulatory approval. Our core services include all the disciplines required for each of these services.

OEL-HydroSys’ senior employees are recognized experts in the fields of waterpower and hydraulic structure engineering. We have been involved in roughly 200 small hydro projects in Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean and elsewhere around the world and have worked exclusively in this field for over two decades. OEL-HydroSys’ dedicated staff is fully aware of all regulations in effect in Ontario and the rest of Canada with regard to dam safety and rehabilitation.

About HydroHelp’s author

Hydropower consultant James L. Gordon gives advice to utilities, developers and consultants on detailed hydro project design, layout and concepts, mechanical equipment selection, turbine sizing and setting, dam safety assessment, due diligence review, project design review, project cost estimate review and bid analysis for lump sum design-build contracts. James L. Gordon was with the Montreal Engineering Co. Ltd. (Monenco, now AMEC) for 38 years, working on feasibility and the detailed design of hydropower projects in Canada and offshore. Projects ranged in size from 600 kW to over 1 800 MW, with heads from 5 m to over 800 m. He was the chief design engineer for 6 projects that received awards for excellence in design from the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada. In the last 9 years, he was vice-president of hydro, responsible for all design aspects of hydropower work undertaken by Monenco.

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