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Five additional HydroHelp programs are available for purchase. These modules help hydro engineers develop a detailed preliminary cost estimate for a site by providing expert advice throughout the design-cost process. Once the type of turbine has been selected with HydroHelp 1.6, users can proceed to the next series of programs.

The programs all assume the use of surface power plants:

HydroHelp 2.6 for sites equipped with Francis turbines.
HydroHelp 3.6 for sites equipped with Impulse turbines
HydroHelp 4.6 for sites equipped with Kaplan turbines
HydroHelp 5.4 for pump-turbines used in underground power plants
HydroHelp 6.4 for Francis turbines used in underground power plants

To download HydroHelp Series technical sheet, click here.

Pricing for HydroHelp is as follows:

HydroHelp 1.6 - Turbine selection, module protected, expended operating envelope for large units
Free distribution
HydroHelp 2.6 - Francis Turbine
HydroHelp 3.6 - Impulse Turbine
HydroHelp 4.4 - Kaplan Turbine
HydroHelp 5.4 - Program for pump-turbine development
HydroHelp 6.4 - Program for Francis underground powerhouse
Annual maintenance fee, per corporate entity
10 % of initial costs
Technical support - first session is free
Available upon request