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Developed with the help of Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY, the free HydroHelp 1.6 turbine selection program can be downloaded from the HydroHelp Web site. It runs on Microsoft Excel and uses 2 MB of memory.

The program assesses the operating envelope of all commercially available turbines, discards unsuitable turbines and selects the most appropriate based on approximate cost and other parameters. If the user de-selects the program-selected turbine for whatever reason, the program will move on to the next most suitable turbine. The program also provides details on the selected turbine, such as an efficiency curve, runner size and setting. With some added input on site conditions, it will calculate powerhouse data such as crane capacity and concrete quantity, along with the cost of ancillary equipment.

To download HydroHelp technical sheet, click here. Program users must register in order to be notified of program upgrades and modifications. Please fill out the following fields and download the free version of HydroHelp 1.6.