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Did you know? In a power plant with a design flow of 200 m3/s, with three units operating at a head of 20 m, eight different types of turbines can be used in the powerhouse? Did you know that there are at least 28 types of hydro turbines currently available? Did you know that a vertical axis turbine may be preferable to a horizontal axis turbine when there is a large increase in tail water? HydroHelp can address your concerns and help you select the best equipment for your powerhouse design projects.

HydroHelp offers free turbine selection software to help promoters and designers choose the most appropriate turbine for a given site and market conditions. Click here to learn more about our Free Software.

HydroHelp also includes a series of programs enabling hydro engineers to develop detailed preliminary cost estimates for power plant sites by providing expert advice throughout the design-cost process. Click here to learn more about our Extended Programs.